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Simple & Chic Party Ideas On A Budget

I love making memories for my family and oh how I love a great party.  Every detail is important to me and I take pride in making others feel special and celebrated.  In our family, we choose to celebrate EVERYTHING, and sometimes I will even throw a party for no reason at all…just because I can.  However, as I get older I realize that life seems to be passing by so quickly. The kiddos are growing up so fast and I just want to savor and enjoy every moment with them – big or small.  Somebody please press the pause button! 

This year I decided to focus on a less is more, simplicity over complexity, and clear the clutter- type of attitude.  Sometimes the clutter we have in our everyday life, can start to spill over and clutter in other areas of our lives as well.   Don’t let the Pinterest pictures fool you and yes having that cute party background is great and all, but what are you going to do with all the extra?  Extra decorations, props, cake, and sweets, that you set up just to get that perfect picture?  (I should probably note to make a blog post about how to store that as well LOL.)  Anyways, this year I am choosing to throw birthday parties and celebrations that are budget friendly and simple, yet also very chic….and still looks pretty good in a picture as well.   

Here are a few of my go to tips for how to create the best party on a budget while keeping it simple.

1. First choose a theme and focus based on the guest of honor.

For example, for Kaleb’s 1st birthday we decided to use Elmo as the theme because that is something He really seems to enjoy.   This doesn’t mean that everything will have Elmo on it and I have to buy up all things that are Elmo. To keep it simple,  I will choose to have Elmo on the smash cake or cupcakes, and everything else I will incorporate color(s) or a pattern that will compliment with Elmo’s red.

2. Use Pinterest only as an inspiration board not a blueprint.

I used to spend hours on Pinterest when planning for a party, trying to figure out how to incorporate every single pin that I saw and liked into one party.  To keep it simple, instead of trying to do it all, just pick one or two really great ideas that you absolutely love and keep everything else simple.  Not only will your party be just as memorable, but it will be chic and more budget friendly as well.

3. Keep an eye out on the dollar spot at Target and your local dollar store.

Don’t sleep on the dollar store people!  With a little creativity you can usually always find something that you could use for centerpieces or décor.  I often purchase vases, props, party supplies like silverware, napkins, & table clothes from there.

4. Wrapping paper is everything.

Yes, you read that right- wrapping paper.  I pretty much always pick up a roll of wrapping paper every time I go to HomeGoods or Marshall’s.  The quality of paper is usually thicker and sturdier than your average paper and can be used for placemats, table runners, and more!

5. Shop Etsy for any custom needs.

If being crafty isn’t really your thing, Etsy is also a great online shop to find budget friendly custom designs for your party needs.  You would also be supporting a small business owner as well.  

What are some of your go to party planning tips?  Let me know what other tips and ideas you would like to see on the blog.  I would love to hear from you.


*I was NOT financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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