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BeLeefyFul’s Favorite Things

BeLeefyFul’s Favorite Things (Craft Edition)

When it come to DIY Crafts, I have quite a few must have, tried-and-true items,that stay in my craft closet at all times.  These are also the items that I find myself constantly reaching for when I am working on various projects.  Here are some of my current favorite staple craft items:

  1. Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook Paper can be used for so many fun projects and crafts, from birthday banners to homemade cards, or making your own photo album from scratch. The possibilities are endless.  I usually wait to grab scrapbook paper only when it is onsale, so that I always have some in stock.  The scrapbook pads are a good deal too, as it already has complementing colors and styles bundled in one book.

  1. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is one of my staple items to keep in my craft closet. My daughter’s love painting any and everything, so this is definitely a must have item to keep in stock.  We love how colors can be mixed to create your own and how the paint can adhere to a variety of surfaces.  My favorite brand is by Craft Smart, which has a value set that makes a great starter collection.

  1. Ribbon, Tulle, & Twine

I love adding a little special touch to gift packages, favor bags, vases, and party decor. Ribbon and Tulle can be used for pretty much anything you want to add a little something to and make pretty.  I also use ribbon and tulle as decoration for my parties. Twine is also  a great alternative and adds a rustic and simple touch.

  1. Tissue Paper

I can never have enough wrapping tissue paper and this is not just for gift packaging either.  It can be used to make poms, paper flowers, tassel garlands, and so much more. Check out my Pinterest page for some other crafty ideas!

  1. Caron Cake Yarn

This brand has some of the prettiest combinations and colors I have ever seen.  Although I am not a knitter, I do still keep a few of these in my craft stash.   There are so many cute projects as seen here  that you can do that does not require any experience with knitting. 

  1. Glue Dots

These tiny yet powerful adhesives work with just about any surface and the best thing is how quick they adhere with no waiting time or mess!  

  1. Glue Gun

I have had my glue gun for about 10 years, it is similar to the one listed here.  It is one of the most used and necessary tools for any crafter.  

  1. Mod Podge

This is a miracle glue for just about any type of craft and kids project.  Consider this a warning, this glue as can get very messy!  You can find it here and at any craft store retailer.

  1. Storage Photo Boxes

I use these to contain similar arts and crafts supplies in my craft room.  They have a variety of colors and designs and fit nicely in shelves or storage drawers.

  1. Foam Brushes

I prefer foam brushes instead of regular paint brushes, as they offer a more even and smooth application of paint for your projects.  They are easier to work with and can also be reused  if cleaned properly, yet they are inexpensive enough to throw away if damaged.

  1. Cutting Mat

Depending on the size of the project I am working on, I sometimes work at my desk or the kitchen table.  A cutting mat is a good thing to have to protect your working surface area, especially when you are working with cutting tools.  My favorite cutting mat is made by Cricut and it has lasted me for years!

  1. Fiskars Deluxe Paper Trimmer

This is by far my favorite paper trimmer (and I have tried a quite a few)!  It allows you to cut multiple papers at once and offers great precision.  I use this with all of my paper crafts and party invitation projects.  If you are in the market for a trimmer, I highly recommend this one.  Hold on to your Michaels coupon to get it for at least 50% off!

  1. Washi Tape

There are so many pretty designs and colors of washi tape to choose from.  I use washi tape to make a boring calendar- pretty and organized.  You can also use this tape to decorate vases, notebooks, and even makeup brushes.  Washi tape is also a good alternative to use for labels.  Check out my pinterest  page for more fun ideas to try!

  1. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

I have to admit that I love colored pens, and one of my favorite pens are these dual brush pens.  They are great for practicing lettering techniques and they have both a brush and fine writing tip! They are also water-based so you can even blend colors with a water brush.

  1. Cricut Machine

I have one of the first Cricut machines, it is at least 12 years old.  However, this machine gets the job done!  I have used it to make all kinds of banners, invitations, and party décor. It is the ultimate cutting machine and saves me so much time. The particular model that I have is no longer in production, but there are much fancier options now as seen here   I secretly hope that my old Cricut gives out soon, so that the Hubby will bless me with a new one for my birthday (Hint, Hint).

What are some of your favorite crafting items?  Drop me a comment below, as I would love to hear from you!

*I was NOT financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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