Hi Friends! So who am I and what is BeLeefyFul? Well let’s start with the who I am. On most days, I am a 36-year-old wife and mother to four beautiful (sweet, silly, and sometimes hormonal) children.  So here is the rundown on my family, first there are my twin 15-year-old daughters (aka the sometime hormonal ones) Kaitlyn and Kristen. Then, there is my 6-year-old daughter Kamilah (aka the silly one) and last but not least, I  have a baby boy named Kaleb (aka the only sweet child I have left-just kidding), who is 11 months old. My husband’s name is Marquis, we met back in college and have been married now for almost 12 years! My children and hubby mean everything to me and are a huge part of who I am.

My life recently got turned upside down  when I found out we were expecting our fourth child (surprise!) which would be due in September 2017.  I continued to work full time up until I gave birth.  Fast forward 3 months, and I was not dealing with the fact that maternity leave flew by way faster than I had hoped or planned and I was not ready to return to work.  I also had some health issues that I know I needed to deal with as well.  At the end of the day, I know it was time for me to make a bold decision. Thanks to the support of my awesome Hubby and family, I decided to leave corporate America and become a full time love-at-home Mommy.  So back to the question…who am I? Well like I said, on most days I am a Wife, Mother, sister, best friend, fixer upper, cook, counselor, child taxi driver, family referee, encourager, prayer partner, etc. On the other days or all the moments in between, when I actually have time all to myself…honestly,  I am still learning who I REALLY AM, and that is why I decided to start this blog.  To take a chance on doing something way outside my comfort zone that will hopefully help others while also helping myself.


My grandfather used to always call me Leefy when I was growing up and he was the only one allowed to do so. When I was a sophomore in college, one day I remember telling my best friend about the nickname and she never let it go. From that day forward she too called me Leefy. Which is why now even my two Godchildren call me Auntie Leefy.

So BeLeefyFul is ME– all that I am and all that I love to do. I love helping others and celebrating beauty in all things and enjoying life. In my free time (ha!) I love to throw parties and plan events, attempt various DIY crafts, organize any and everything, get lost in Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds, spend time with my daughters learning new hairstyles, shop the clearance section at Target while also finding the ultimate bargain, trying  quick and easy recipes, getting lost in the Michaels’ planner section, and last but not least spending time with my family and friends.

I hope you decide to stick around, get to know me, and go on this new journey with me. Come back and visit this site often because you never know what you might find on BeLeefyful that you just might love to try out for yourself!